Sipbound Corporation Offers Several Service Options:

1) Dedicated Servers:

This option is good for customers who do not want to buy or manage servers. Sipbound Corporation will provide and manage the hardware so you can focus on your applications.

Pricing starts at $49.95 per month for a full featured Intel Dual Quad Core Dell server with everything you need to run your applications fast and efficiently.  Turn up is fast and easy, so you can be on-line with your service in 24 hours.

2) Individual Server Co-Location:

This is good for customers who may only need space for one or two servers.

Pricing is $75 for the 1st U and $25 for each additional U.  This includes two UPS protected plug ins (1 A and 1 B), 1 IP address, 5 TB of IP transfer on a 100 Mbps port (equal to a 15 Mbps always on connection), installation and turn up.

3) Full or Partial Cabinet:

This is good for the customer who has several machines or intends on adding equipment.

Pricing includes: Sipbound Corporation provided PDU 3 IP addresses,  15 TB of IP transfer on a 1 Gbps port,  A/B Ethernet hand off,  one carrier cross-connect, installation and turn up.

Quarter Rack-$187.50

Half Rack-$375.00

Full Rack Space-$750.00

4) Cage Space:

This is good for customers who need a flexible configuration.  Size and price depends on clients needs.


Sipbound Corporation is Carrier Neutral. So if you choose to use your own carriers, Sipbound Corporation will assist you with facilitating the provision and installation/cross-connects for those services via one of its many carrier partners.

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